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How would you define a rebel? If you look it up, it's listed as "A person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler."

Vadim Yelizarov, owner of Detroit T-shirts, and now Detroit Rebels, would give you a much different definition. To him, a rebel is someone who against all odds, pushes towards their dreams. Who holds strong to the belief that hard work really does pay off. Today's rebels are the entrepreneurs. The creative minds with brilliant ideas, and the bravery to share those ideas with their community, and eventually the world. Those with the gusto to go out and make things happen, despite the risks. Detroit Rebels specifically, are the ones with the drive to do this in a city that most still consider a "lost cause."

Vadim's designs have always been 100% with Detroit love in mind. Which is incredibly apparent when speaking with him. His passion for the cause is absolutely inspirational. Especially when saying, "All our designs foster dedication and commitment to Detroit and its great citizens." Every Detroit T-shirt is designed either in Detroit by Vadim, his friends or colleagues, and handcrafted in Michigan. His influences include the rich Detroit history, landmarks, retro and vintage styles, music, and sports. So be a rebel, and wear it proudly. And if you'd consider yourself a Detroit Rebel, welcome to the family ;)


*All tops shown are from Detroit Rebels*
Photos: Emily Joanne Photography, and Erik
Featured models and friends: Alex and Aaron Dyke