• Vintage Golden Bitcoin Logo T-Shirt

    Posted by Vadim Yelizarov


    Golden Bitcoin T-ShirtA Golden Bitcoin T-Shirt and a Sweet Surprise

    Yep, you probably heard the news. Bitcoin is back, baby! If you invested in the sweet, sweet cryptocurrency a few years ago and then sold it off because you thought it would never be worth more than a movie ticket and popcorn you are probably wishing you had it. In the current market, one Bitcoin is worth approximately $15,000.00. Wowza. Am I right?

    For a product so sweet you gotta have swag. That's why you need the Golden Bitcoin T-shirt. The quality fabric and design are no less luxurious than Bitcoin itself. Whether you are a Bitcoin miner, Bitcoin investor, or simply a Bitcoin believer you can show your love with this shirt.

    If you are worried about showing your Bitcoin belief because of Bitcoin naysayers, you shouldn't be. You should be proud to be a Bitcoin miner. Sure, people say that all investors are going to lose out on their money or that mining Bitcoin is for the birds, but they've got it all wrong. There are Bitcoin miners all over the world, and even one in little old' Detroit, Michigan that turn a profit whether Bitcoin is up or down. It sounds impossible, but it's real. Oh yeah, and this Golden Bitcoin t-shirt is the Detroit miner's lucky t-shirt. He wears it every time he is mining. Maybe you should try it out for yourself!

    Golden Bitcoin T-Shirts are Detroit Made

    This Golden Bitcoin t-shirt isn't made by your run of the mill mass production t-shirt company. No, it's custom-made right in Detroit, Michigan at Detroit Rebels by some of the most talented t-shirt designers and makers that you will ever meet.

    Detroit Rebels puts pride into every t-shirt that comes out of their shop. Each shirt is thoughtfully made and carefully screen printed creating only the highest quality product. As a Bitcoin miner, Bitcoin investor, or Bitcoin believer you can be proud to wear something that is nearly as valuable as Bitcoin itself.

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    If you want a Golden Bitcoin t-shirt, you are not alone. Everyone who is anyone in the Bitcoin world wears one, and if they don’t they want one. Although these shirts are in high demand, you are in luck, because they are simple to get, all you have to do is log into your Amazon account, put it in your cart, and checkout.

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    Every T-Shirt Comes With a Prize!

    If you love a good surprise, then you are in luck! Whenever you order a Golden Bitcoin T-shirt you will receive a special prize from Detroit Rebels. We aren’t going to give you any clues about what the prize will be, but we know that if you are a fan of Bitcoin and a Bitcoin believer, you will love it.

    Get Your Golden Bitcoin T-Shirt Today!

    People try to determine where the Bitcoin market will go, but they can’t. Bitcoin is so awesome because it’s unpredictable and exciting. Not only is Bitcoin a great investment, but it is also a lot of fun and that’s why you need a Golden Bitcoin t-shirt.

    Order yours today in any size you want and have it shipped right to your door. It doesn't matter if you wear it as your lucky t-shirt, your bedtime t-shirt or your date night t-shirt --- all that matters is you wear it and show your love for Bitcoin.


    Golden Bitcoin T-Shirt on Amazon