• Detroit T-Shirts & Custom Screen Printing Service in Metro Detroit Area

    Posted by Vadim Yelizarov


    www.Detroit-T-Shirts.com is a Detroit-based t-shirt clothing line. Line were created as a hip, urban clothing line meant to show off love to Detroit. All our designs foster dedication and commitment to Detroit and its great citizens. Every Detroit t-shirt designed either in Detroit, by Russian-American artist Vadim Yelizarov or his like-minded friends and colleagues from around the world, and handcrafted in Michigan using highest quality screen-printing techniques and foil transfer. Print motifs are influenced by history and landmarks of Detroit, retro styles, vintage, as well as Detroit's great history in music and sports. That's why our Detroit T-shirts have that truly unique and 100% Detroit look and feel. Are you in love with Detroit? We are. Join us! | LIKE us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DetroitTShirts

    Our Screen Printing website: www.MichiganScreenPrinting.com

    Our screen printing service is about quality and efficiency. We strive to give you the best quality work for a reasonable price. Our facility located in Redford, Michigan (Grand River & 8 Mile Rd). Currently, we have two manual printing presses and one automatic press which deliver very detailed, consistent, high-quality prints with the capabilities of printing up to 6-color designs and over 3,500 garments a day.

    We work with several apparel suppliers to offer nearly any brand or style shirt. Our press enables us to print large fronts, backs, sleeves, pockets, almost anywhere on a shirt!

    We also screen print custom size tags to really make your brand stand out.

    Detroit T-Shirts & Custom Screen Printing Service in Metro Detroit Area

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